The Peak Platform

Delivering app growth goals through programmatic performance

Peak Benefits

The Peak Platform maximizes outcomes by reaching users that are more likely to deliver long-term value to your app

Key Features

The Peak Approach

By taking a measured approach to audience targeting and delivering compelling messages, we drive engagement and meaningful app growth.

Explore Weeks 1-2

Initial data points are gathered as bidding starts against several targeting parameters.

Learn Weeks 2-3

Optimization towards down-funnel conversions begins to improve ROAS and reach KPIs

Optimize Weeks 3-4

Various campaign strategies are implemented to gain pre- and post- install signals

Scale Weeks 5

Once efficiency is maximized, focus is shifted to scaling the campaign against ideal audiences and supply

Beyond the Platform

Edge226 offers a managed + self-service hybrid option for a frictionless launch with a hands on approach to achieving goals

Campaign tracking and pixel implementation

We integrate with your MMP to set up a transparent view of how our platform leads to post-install events.

Category Experts

We bring years of experience in app growth across many verticals to create great starting points for every campaign.

Experienced Trading Team

We manage the campaign on your behalf: In addition to your account manager, our trading team will optimize results for maximum performance.