Converting Daters to Unlimited Access

At the core of your dating app is a technology and algorithm that matches people to each other. But the best apps also provide enhanced experience and access to users who are willing to invest. Finding and retaining those top users can be difficult, but Edge226 has the right acquisition technology and a history in helping dating apps find their own matches.

Cost Per Sign-Up

There is a big difference between people looking for quick dates and people willing to pay to find their match. Peak Platform finds customers who want to get the most out of your dating app, and that means sign-ups that lead to subscriptions and renewals. You only pay for sign-ups through Edge226’s Cost Per Results pricing.

We will work with you to establish a goal cost per user, execute the campaign, and you only pay when that action is achieved. By optimizing against users with long term value, we help drive down ROAS with users that remain loyal and subscribed.

Contextually Relevant Premium Inventory

Peak gives you the advantage of true global access with a supply footprint spanning the majority of countries. We’ve delivered billions of ad impressions to users around the globe to date, zeroing in on people looking for matches. Whether your goal is growth or re-engagement, we align with quality supply to catch the user’s attention.

Industry-Leading Targeting and Optimization

The people invested in your dating app are the ones who spend time engaged in the experience. Our machine learning takes key data points from these super users and optimizes against a profile that matches their interests. Finding the best users means higher conversion rates on full access and in-app spending. We can also zoom in on audiences that matter to you:

Creative Resources

Prove your app is the best with compelling creative that showcases what makes you great. Edge226 offers creative help to ensure you are in position to catch consumers’ attention.

Seamless A/B testing of different images, offers, or messages

Creative builds multiple supported formats that would amplify the initiative

See What Is Working

See What Is Working

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