Driving Pickups and Deliveries for Food & Grocery Apps

Restaurants and food delivery apps continue to ramp up their business to match the modern consumer. Edge provides them with a platform to find new users that engage, order, and provide long term value as regular customers.

Cost Per Order

Whether the goal is orders, offer redemptions, or simply installs, Edge226 tunes our Peak Performance Platform around a Cost Per Results pricing model.

We will work with you to set key outcomes, establish a cost per action goal price, execute the campaign, and you only pay when that action is achieved.

Contextually Relevant Premium Inventory

With a rich category history, we’ve delivered billions of ads to hungry consumers around the globe to date. Our access to 99% of the global app supply means that your message can be zeroed in on users with the right demographics and mindset, and still have enough scale to meet your user acquisition goals.

Industry-Leading Targeting and Optimization

Peak has built-in data and integrations to target users in key areas to interested users. For food campaigns, timing is everything.

Creative Resources

Sometimes the right meal or offer is all it takes to spark an order. Edge226 offers creative help to ensure you are in position to match messages to consumers.

Seamless A/B testing of different images, offers, or messages

Creative builds multiple supported formats that would amplify the initiative

See What Is Working

See What Is Working

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