Finding Committed Streaming Subscribers

As OTT content continues to flourish, streaming apps have to find users that will subscribe to and engage with their platform over competitive options. Edge226’s AI-powered targeting optimizes using data from loyal viewers, to target people that stick with your service over the long term: from sign-ups, to subscriptions, to renewals.

Cost Per Subscription

Streaming services often have both ad and subscription models, but the driver of the business is subscribers. Our Peak Platform drives customers from install to trial to paid subscription, while you only pay for the ultimate goal through Edge226’s Cost Per Results pricing.

We will work with you to establish a cost per trial or subscriber goal price, execute the campaign, and you only pay when that action is achieved. In doing so we deliver high-value users with long-term app engagement and raise ROAS and ARPU.

Contextually Relevant Premium Inventory

Peak has only direct SSP inventory integrated, with 100% supply source transparency reflected in our dashboards. With a rich category history, we’ve delivered ads to streaming customers around the globe for over 10 years. Our access to 99% of the global app supply means that your message can be zeroed in on users interested in the content relevant to your service, with more than enough scale to meet your user acquisition goals.

Industry-Leading Targeting and Optimization

As a streaming service, your content sets you apart. We help by aligning your best content, by category, to the users that will be most interested, through a combination of relevant supply and AI-powered targeting.

Creative Resources

To acquire interest and subscribers, it’s important to showcase your best content. Edge226 can help distribute video and promotions through a variety of high-impact formats, and dynamically optimize content & genres for the right audiences.

Seamless A/B testing of different images, offers, or messages

Creative builds multiple supported formats that would amplify the initiative

See What Is Working

See What Is Working

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