Booking Trips, Flights and Rides

Whether people are traveling internationally or going out locally, your app is there to make the experience as seamless as possible. Find those users to drive orders and repeated bookings using the Peak Platform. We use machine learning to match moments and promotions to the people who need you most.

Cost Per Booking

As users continue to competitively shop for flights and rides, our goal is to find you new customers at the price point that works for your business user acquisition goals. The Peak Platform drives customers who install, engage with your app, and book flights, cruises, ride, or hotel rooms, while you only pay for booked travel through Edge226’s Cost Per Results pricing.

We will work with you to establish a goal cost, and execute a campaign with long term success. By optimizing against users with higher lifetime value, we help drive down ROAS with each subsequent booking.

Contextually Relevant Premium Inventory

Peak gives you the advantage of true global access with a supply footprint spanning the majority of countries. We’ve delivered billions of impressions to travelers around the globe to date, zeroing in on users who need flights and rides in every city. Whether your goal is domestic growth or international expansion, we’ve got you covered.

Industry-Leading Targeting and Optimization

Finding valuable travelers means zeroing in on key locations and moments. Our targeting capabilities and AI optimization do the heavy lifting to find users that are looking for a travel partner.

Creative Resources

In a price competitive market, it’s important to offer deals through compelling creative at the right time. Edge226 offers creative help to ensure you are in position to match messages to consumers in a variety of ways.

Seamless A/B testing of different images, offers, or messages

Creative builds multiple supported formats that would amplify the initiative

See What Is Working

See What Is Working

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